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Next Generation

Embracing the Next Generation.

The future has never looked brighter. And we are glad to be in the forefront addressing our concerns. We are doing this through several ways by educating, innovating and implementing.


Education has three main roles: personal, cultural and economic.

  • Individual: to develop individual talents and sensibilities
  • Cultural: to deepen understanding of the world
  • Economic: to provide the skills required to earn a living and be economically productive.
- Sir Ken Robinson


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The target audience for the Zambian Schools Alumni Network are those 18 years and over. Those younger than 18 years are also welcome to engage with the Network, but must be permitted to do so by their parents or guardians.

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Getting help

We are making efforts to support you in any way we can.

We have started working on the framework. The page detailing the framework will answer most of your questions; if it doesn't, feel free to contact us.

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You can also take part in discussing progress on this project, or your take on Education in Zambia by joining our discussion group:

Project profile

The main drivers for this project are:

  • Just because we want to
  • Creating and improving networks
  • Skills development
  • Business opportunities.

For more on the project profile, visit the project profile page.